Journal of Environmental Chemistry and Technology

Number 1 - December 1995

Options for the treatment/destruction of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) and PCB-contaminated equipment
Emission of nitrogen oxides from Portuguese anthracites
Combustion in a fluidised bed
João Fernando Pereira Gomes
Pyrometallurgical processes for Hg, Cd and Pb removal from spent alkaline-MnO2 battery cells
Pace, A. Berton, A. Mantovani
Digital image processing for the environmental impact assessment on architectural surfaces
A. Moropoulou, M.Koui, P. Theoulakis, Ch. Kourtel, F. Zezza



In recent years, the interest in technology, chemical and physico-chemical processes has grown, due either to environmental legislation or to demand for increasing process efficiency.
Journal of Environmental Chemistry and Technology will report on the environmental control by physico-chemical processes and engineering, and describe research and development of new techniques and applications.
Studies of general interest on the fate of pollutants in natural system will also be reported.
The aim of this Journal is to help in choosing cleaner technologies and to illustrate new processes and technologies.
The Journal is divided in two sections, one on technical reports by qualified environmental organizations and agencies, another on scientific papers.

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